About the Wild Knights

The Wild Knight Squadron was founded in 2952 in the Stanton System. It was designed from the ground up as a reserve mercenary organization to be leveraged by several other organizations with dedicated roles to cover gaps in manning they might have for various operations. The ranks opened to any able-bodied adult and have remained as such since the squadron’s establishment.

The Wild Knight Squadron organically focuses on mercenary options and augments a variety of organizations with skilled workers, pilots, crew, and soldiers along with the ships owned by those individuals. As such, the majority of operations with Wild Knight Squadron participation involve multiple individuals working together as a team and often multiple teams working together to shape the entire operation.

The Wild Knight Squadron is known for their precision, efficiency, thoroughness, and excellence and has received a large number of awards and recognition from their peers, clients, and various corporate and government entities.

The Wild Knight Squadron has conducted combined arms combat missions, escort and quick reaction force operations, suppression of hostile air defenses, combat search and rescue, civil search and rescue, every type of logistics operation, and mining operations.

Joining the Wild Knight Squadron

The Wild Knights is always in need of solid members. Being a reserve organization, a member can be a primary member in another organization and also be a member of the Wild Knight Squadron, assuming the other organization doesn’t have an exclusivity contract with the individual. Wild Knights does not impose a non-compete or exclusive membership requirement on its members.

If you are interested in joining the squadron the steps are simple:

  1. Submit a membership application on Spectrum here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/WILDKNIGHT
  2. Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/da8BM7zuhm