VKB Gladiator NXT Premium Fillable Config Sheets

These sheets are great for documenting your customized control profile for your VKB Gladiator NXT Premium flight sticks. Looking for desk mounts for your flight stick, keyboard, or mouse? Check out Predator Mounts using this 5% off discount referral link: (Or enter YUKA as your promotional code at checkout.) PNG Fillable Excel Sheets XLSX […]


Increasing Star Citizen Framerates

Star Citizen is a challenging game. It is challenging for players for many reasons and a common friction point is that the performance their “good” gaming computer provides while running Star Citizen doesn’t meet their expectations and doesn’t match their experience with other games. Of course “good” is a relative term here because Star Citizen […]

How to remove crimestat in Star Citizen

How to Remove Crimestat in Star Citizen

Last Updated for Alpha 3.17.4 Are you being chased by bounty hunters across the Stanton system? Are you being denied landing permissions at every major port? Are the security patrols giving you grief and opening fire the moment they see you? If you answered yes to any of these, then you may have a crimestat. […]